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Instagram is an online social media platform that has been in existence for a while now. It has evolved over the years into a large growing community of people from different races,cultures, background and religion making it an exciting platform to be on. From celebrities to fans,business men and women everyone fits in perfectly to share their life experiences and build strong relationships. As much as we might think everyone wants to be famous on the gram,we allall have different reasons for joining the platform,therefore this post is strictly for those whose utmost desire is to become famous on Instagram. For whatsoever reason you might wish to be instafamous,whether for money,business opportunities, or gaining loads of followers,this 5 tips are the surest way to achieving your desired aim.

1. Have an Instagram Account

First things first,create an Instagram account. You could have an Instagram account already but for those who do not have an account yet. Download the Instagram app on Google play store for Android users or you can also get it on IOS for Apple users and sign up for a new account.

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2. Choose a specific niche for yourself

If you would like be famous on Instagram it is important to want to be known for one specific thing.Whether you’re trying to share your personal lifestyle or life experiences or you’re trying to share your fitness or healthcare journey with others, it’s important to decide that as soon as your journey on the gram begins. It enables you attracts the right followers that share similar interests with you and are willing to go on your journey with you. This people will not only follow you but also engage with your content which is crucial to your success on the gram.

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3. Post high quality photos/videos

As we all know Instagram is a photo/video sharing app. It only makes sense if you would post good quality photos and videos that stand a chance of competing with other millions of high quality photos/videos of similar content. By posting high quality photos,you easily get noticed and high chances are that not only will you attract potential followers but big Instagram pages with large followings are most likely to repost your content which in turn drives in more followers and increases engagement.

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4. Be Consistent

Consistency is key on any social media platform especially for Instagram. By posting 3-5 times you get the chance of gaining new exposure on the platform and Instagram is most likely willing to put you up on the explore feed. By getting on the explore feed you are introduced to more new followers, likes and of course optimum engagement.  

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5.  Engage with other people

Instagram as we all know is a community and we should treat it as such. You can’t expect to grow and become insta famous without discovering,engaging and interacting with other people with similar interests as you. Follow as many people as you can,like people’s pictures/videos,comment on their posts and some not all will reciprocate back. By doing this more people will discover you and engage with your content as well.

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Following the steps above might not yield immediate results but with persistent actions and consistency in mind,you will get the results you desire. It takes time to build anything worthwhile so you have to be willing to wait.Do not buy followers and likes on your page because Instagram clears fake accounts on a timely basis and you might not get the maximum engagement you want.Accounts that have huge followings like a hundred thousand followers but end up with just hundred likes are examples of such accounts with fake followers.



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